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The Kepler Files (Alpha edition) - Photo Documentary of an Exoplanet

Marco Morales

Be the first to discover an AI-powered visual journey of exoplanet Kepler 438-B through the viewfinder of its crew of photographers and scientists.

The Alpha Edition is our fan-friendly pre-press digital Photo Documentary, laid out in glorious landscape 2560 x 1600 quality for your enjoyment. You have the opportunity to see the creatures and environments and share your feedback with us. This world can be translated to D&D adventures, storytelling through video or gaming, even built into the metaverse!
This first look is an exclusive peek and opportunity.

  1. PURCHASE The Kepler Files ALPHA EDITION (COMPLETE): A 42-page digital photobook with stunning artwork and photography showcasing the wild fauna and flora of Kepler 438-B. The Alpha release is a work in progress open for your input! This price will be discounted from the OFFICIAL EDITION, now in the works. Hit "I want this!" on the box on the right.
  2. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE The Kepler Files (Alpha edition) CHAPTER ONE through Gumroad. This is a tantalizing digital teaser with full-size spreads of stunning artwork, to leave you wanting more!
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The Kepler Files OFFICIAL PACK is currently in production: An expanded 72-page storyline with input from an actual Space Engineer and sci-fi writer and all-new, re-worked high-definition images with the latest state-of-the-art AI + PS editing. It will be expanded to include prompts, process and digital assets. If you purchase the ALPHA EDITION, this will give you a discount AND a seat at the table to give your input on the final outcome via Discord. Pretty nifty, right?

We want to include you in the process, so you could see the changes in quality of images from V4 to V5, and from Alpha version to Full-version. In the Discord Channel we will share process images, prompts and behind-the-scenes content that you will find eye-opening and perhaps inspire your own creativity, and learn how to make these images yourself!

This is the start of a big adventure.

Kepler-438 B is a striking place filled by strange and fascinating creatures that inhabit its air, desert, swamplands, and underwater environments. The long trip from Earth is worth it, the team is busy readying their equipment and buzzing with excitement. We are very excited to find out how you - our readers - might take these creatures and environments forward. "The Kepler Files" is a full-colour document of the events that took place during the fateful mission exploring the wildlife and flora of a new planet, featuring animals and creatures never seen before.

So come on, adventurers! Look no further than this "Kepler 438-B" Photo Documentary book!
Download the FREE TEASER and download your ALPHA copy of "The Kepler Files" today and experience the thrill of sci-fi like never before!

About This Project

THE POWER to visualize what we can imagine has a transformational effect on anyone who experiences it. With the exponential advances of AI we can now bring to life concepts and ideas that we feel must be shared - with you.

Marco Morales and Fabian Schlosser were involved in the early days of the AI Artist’s convergence and respected each other’s work, seeing the opportunity to collaborate into bringing common themes that were found in both the artists’ body of work: exploration of new frontiers, imagining new worlds, inhabiting them with life.

“What if a crew of National Geographic visited - and run - a photodocumentary feature on a newfound planet?

(What could possibly go wrong?)”

Our initial ambition had been to create five artworks each as part of a limited collection. Very soon our imaginations found such fertile territory that the body of work grew into a ‘photographic feature’ booklet. We imagined a team of biologists, zoologists, geologists, and other scientists excited to discover Kepler-438 B (a real exoplanet!) and document the local flora and fauna and bring back proof of the wonders that exist on this distant world.

The story continues to grow as new crew members join our project, and we are excited to take you along for the ride. We hope you enjoy this artbook as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Be the first ones to see it, and give us your opinion. We look forward to it!

Prompts and Process

We are considering releasing a limited booklet with our AI prompting and making-of tips and tricks. Join our Discord server and let us know what content you would like to see in this release.

Limited Exclusive 🚀

This Alpha edition is of limited access and will only be available for a short time.

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Photo Documentary of an Exoplanet: The Kepler Files (Alpha edition)

The Kepler Files (Alpha edition) COMPLETE
42 HD pages
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The Kepler Files (Alpha edition) - Photo Documentary of an Exoplanet

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